Acoustic Comfort

Whether at home, work or leisure, most of our time is spent inside buildings, so it is important to feel comfortable in these spaces. The optimum environment is created from a combination of the correct ambient temperature, humidity and lighting, access to necessary resources and suitable acoustic insulation.

When a sound wave passing through the air meets a partition some of the energy is reflected and the rest is absorbed. Part of the absorbed energy will spread within the partition, and the rest crosses through the partition and is transmitted to the other side, so it is important to have good, high performance acoustic insulation to enhance the quality of life.

K-FLEX offers good value, high performance acoustic solutions to meet the demands of buildings. K-FLEX insulation is high quality, has excellent durability and optimum design features, complying with the required regulations 


Many years’experienEN ACUSTICA CIVILE 3okce in the research and development of new materials enables K-FLEX to provide optimum solutions for different applications. K-FLEX offers a wide range of solutions for acoustic applications: products for acoustic insulation, sound absorption and to reduce the transmission of vibration.



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