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K-FLEX SRC ECO is an insulating sheet comprising a layer of closed cell elastomeric foam and a protective outer jacket. The special K-FLEX SRC ECO configuration offers a unique product which, in case of fire, retards the emission of smoke and fumes which are also free of hydrohalic acids and organochlorine compounds.

K-FLEX SRC ECO sheets are ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls and technical installations where low smoke emission is required in case of fire.

K-FLEX SRC ECO sheet has been tested according to the current European standard EN 13501-1, for fire resistance of construction products, and has been classified B-s2, d0.

The main advantages of K-FLEX SRC ECO are:
• No halogen in the composition or expansion of the elastomeric material.
• No smoke containing hydrohalic acids and organochlorine compounds in case of fire.
• Retarded ignition of the flame.
• Retarded flame propagation.
• Reduced emission of smoke.
• Low thermal conductivity.
• Higher mechanical properties eith rescpet to an uncoated elastomeric insulation foam.
• Quick and easy installation.




Standard Thickness

Self Adhesive Version

6 - 9 - 13 - 19 - 25 mm

6 - 9 - 13 - 19 - 25 mm




Temperature range

from -40°C* to +85°C EN 14706

Thermal conductivity

-20°C = 0,036
0°C = 0,038
+20°C = 0,040
+40°C = 0,042

EN 13787
EN 12667

Corrosion problems

pH neutral (7 ± 0.5) EN 13468
Water permeability
WS < 0.1% EN 13472

Permeability μ

≥ 3000 EN 12086


B - s2, d0** EN 13501-1
Leacheable chloride < 500 ppm EN 13468 
Ecological data Without halogens, PVC, CFCs, HCFCs and Formaldehyde
* For application below -40°C please contact our technical department
** Suitable for installation along routes escape
K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.




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